ATHENS "The crossroads of all civilizations"

No words can describe Athens, the capital of Greece, the birthplace of the great ancient philosophers, politicians and athletes, the city that for so many centuries has been the crossroads of all Mediterranean civilizations. Several of the most significant sites of the world are gathered in Athens, such as the Acropolis, Syntagma square, and the Panathinaiko (Kallimarmaro) stadium.

You should definitely visit these monuments during your stay in this incomparable metropolis. Take a walk through the alley-ways of Plaka, go to the old neighbourhoods of Petralona, or to picturesque Thisio and you will find the grandeur of old Athens once more. Taste the traditional delicacies and the refreshing wine while sitting comfortably at any small tavern in Plaka, gazing at the enchanting Acropolis. It is worth visiting the impressive Megaro Mousikis (Opera House), to see a sample of the modern European city that Athens is developing into.

PIRAEUS "The great port"

The development of the largest port of Attica started around 1850 and since then hundreds of boats have come and gone every day, transporting merchandise and numerous passengers not only to the beautiful Greek islands, but also many international ports. If you take a walk through old Castela , you will discover many colorful taverns and quaint squares with traditional coffee shops. Piraeus has several facilities for sports fans and many interesting museums and sites.

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