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What to know for car rental in Athens

Morphis car rental After 35 years in the market of Athens are proud to offer services without hidden costs .

Before you make your reservation please read exactly what prices include and try to find hidden costs .

Some low cost companies offer a very low price but unfortunatelly a lot of suprises may happen upon arrival.

Rent a safe car Athens airport

Please ask them if you can have the car at the airport or they are going to drive you with other passengers from the airport to their offices. This service costs you a lot of time until the car is delivered to you and also if you are obliged to return the car at their office and be driven  back with a minivan with some other customers .

Morphis rent a car service: delivery of car at the arrivals of Athens airport and return of the deparure car at Athens airport

Fuel policy car rental in Athens

Please ask them about the fuel policy . Most of them ask you to prepay the gas a certain amount which is usually higher than the official prices of gas in Greece . If you do not return the car full, even if a quarter is missing, they dont refund your money.

Morphis rent a car fuel policy: delivery the car with fuel (more than 1/4 ) and you have to return same level.

Excess for rent a car in Athens

They usually have very high deductable amounts for all categories (and this amount must be available in your credit card . If your credit card cannot cover this amount you will be obliged to pay a very high amount per day in order to cover the car for FCDW with 0 deductable. Any small damage may cost you the full amount of the excess. 

Extras payment for car rentals in Athens

Be sure of the cost of the extras ( baby chair , snow chains , second driver , GPS , delivery or collection in any other place except the airport ,night delivery etc .) Usually with the low cost companies all the extras must be paid upon arrival at the station suddenly bringing the amount of the rental much higher than the advertising offers .

As we are a local company in Athens and Piraeus with 34 years presence in the car rental market of Athens, please find out what our tips are when you rent a car from us.





Dear Customer,


In view of the recent measures applied and already in effect by the Greek ministry of transport regarding driving documentation required for hiring a car in Greece. All American-Canadian-Australian  driver’s license holders are obliged to have an international driving license in order to drive a rented car in Greece, without this necessary documentation the fine is €1.000 for the rent a car company and €1.000 for the client.
We therefore request all non-European Community customers to ensure that they have a valid International driver’s license prior to their arrival in Greece.



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