What to know if you choose to hire a car from Morphis rent a car . 

Morphis rent a car company after 36 years in the Athens market is proud for the excellent service , new cars , low prices without hidden costs.

Morphis rent a car Online reservations 

Morphis secure online system can inform clients in real time for available cars and prices. It is very important to put the exact dates and times and location you prefer the car to be delivered. 

You have two choises of booking.

1. Pay the full amount of the shown price

2. Pay the 20% advancement of estimated cost.

Next step is to choose either extra insurances or extras like baby chairs,GPS,snow chains etc. All extra are clearly describe prices and details. 

In order that your reservation to be confirmed you have to complete all steps until you proceed payment with our bank (Alpha bank) secure system.

As soon as you have finished with the payment a voucher will be send by our system describing all details for your reservation, including reservation number. A receipt from our bank will be send for the amount you have already paid.

Morphis rent a car company for no reason is asking your credit card number when you use the online system and credit card details remain secret .


Car damages

 Before car rental our employees are obliged to show the car and together with the client to notice any existing damages. There is certain form which will be completed referring to the cars condition.


We always encourage our clients to get photos of the car and ask our employees to notice all damages and scratches even the smallest existing ones, before signing the contract. So our employees upon returning of the car are obliged to check the car for damages which may have happened during the period of the rental. They are going to compare the damages before and after the rental and will inform clients about the cost of any existing damages.

 Clients are rensponsible for any damages which happened during the rental period.

 All cars are offered with CDW insurance with an excess according to the type of the car. So clients have to pay a certain amount up to the excess mentioned.

 We have to inform our clients that smallest damages in order to be repaired (painting,scratches etc) will cost 80 euro + 24% taxes.


Clients have to inform Morphis rent a car company for any damages which have happened before the return of the car. 



 Morphis rent a car company provides a variety of extra insurances for clients who want to reduce the excess or prefere fully comprenhensive insurance without any risk.

 1/ All car have been insured with CDW with an excess according the type of the car and this insurance is always included in the price together with third party liability insurance. 

 Clients who are not holders of a valid credit card can hire a car from Morphis rent a car if the leave in cash the deducrable amount as a quarantee which is refundable upon return of the car without damages .

 2/ FCDW (full collision damage waiver) for clients wants to reduce the amount of the responsability. Prices and excess for this insurance is according the type of the car.

 3/ GTI (Glasses and tyres )insurance covers damages for glasses and tyres of the car. This insurance has 0 deductable and prices are according to the type of the car.

 4/SFCDWWCC (Super Full collision Damage waiver without credit card ) This is a Fully comprenhensive insurance for clients with 0 deductable and ideal for clients without credit card. If you buy this insurance you are not be obliged to leave any amount of deposit.

 All above insurances can be paid online by credit card or debit card. Clients can buy the above insurances even the last minute before delivery of the car.


 Car rental extras

 1/ Second driver is free of Charge , Third driver costs 2 euro per day 

 2/ One baby chair or baby booster is free of Charge and second baby chair or booster costs 2 euro per day 

 3/ GPS costs 5 euro per day 

 4/Snow chains are optional and prices are according the type of the car .


 What Morphis rent a car offers and include in the price

 Prices of Morphis rent a car include:













What to know if any accident happens

If any accident happens during the car rental period please contact the office at once.

Call road assistance . Never accept rensponsibility before our road assitance arrives.

Call local police tel number 100. 

Be sure that you have writen in a paper the registration plates of the other car, the driver's name, the number of the insurance of the other car, the name and number of the road that accident has happened and time. Take pictures of the cars in different angles and dont move the car before police or road assistance arrives.

Where did you meet our employees at the arrivals

Dear customers, upon arrival our employees are going to meet you inside the arrival hall , after you get your suitcases, holding a sign with your name .

If for any reason you cannot find them please call the office in order to arrange the meeting point.

Most of the times clients are hurry and walking outside the arrival hall or in an other place of the building, there for sometimes it is difficult to meet them. We Know that there are a lot of poeple waiting for friends and relatives and the area after an arrival is croweded.  Please look carefully the signs .

Morphis rent a car preauthorisations of credit card or debit card

Dear customers we have to inform you that when a valid credit card is preauthorised for certain amount in order to cover the excess or other dangerous that means that Morphis rent a car did not get any money from the bank account of the client. This amount is blocked for many reasons like accidents, traffic fines etc . Morphis rent a car cannot refund any money to their clients for any reason because cannot make any transaction of the bank account of the client. So clients have to wait until money be released by the their bank (usually takes 20 working days for credit cards and 60 days for debit cards). So after finishing of the rental period clients must contact their banks in order to ask when the blocked money will be released again .



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