Car rental in Athens without credit card.

Morphis rent a car provides car rental in Athens without credit card. Morphis rent a car is one of few car rental companies in Athens accepting rentals without credit card. Hence this option can be obtained by our clients online. 

Rent a car without credit card in Athens online 

Morphis rent a car offers special optional insurances to our clients in order to obtain a car rental without credit card. This can be done through our secure online reservation system.

Clients wishing to finalize a reservation through our online system can follow the following steps

1/ Choose location, delivery and collection time then choose the car and the price. Follow next step in order to see what price include as well as optional services and insurances.

2/ Morphis rent a car has created 3 types of optional insurances. GTI, FCDW,and SFCDWWCC   

3/ GTI is an insurance protecting our clients in case of broken glass and tires and has an extra cost per day. This insurance in our days is fully recommended. The cost per day depends on the type of the car.

4/ SUPER FULL COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER ( SFCDW) cost extra per day and can minimize the excess of the rensponability. The price for this insurance depends on the type of the car . If you accept to buy this insurance you can pay by debit card and the remaining excess of rensponsibility can be paid upon arrival by debit card or cash. 

Reservation must be made by debit card through our online system. Minimum charge for reservation is 20% of the estimated rental cost. The remaining amount can be paid at the airport by debit card or cash .

Rent a car in Athens without credit card and deposit 

5/SFCDWWCC (Super full collision damage waiver without credit card). This insurance includes all the above insurances and if you accept to buy this insurance with an extra cost you can rent a car without credit card and without deposit. 

Clients who can buy the above insurances must be over 25 years old for economy cars and 28 years old for other categories. For further inquiries do not hesitate to contact us.

Car rental with debit card 

All clients of Morphis rent a car in Athens can pay the rental amount by debit card and the deposit guarantee by debit card or cash. 

Car rental in Athens cash payment

Under certain circumstances if you are not a holder of a valid credit card or debit one you can rent a car from Morphis rent a car company paying by cash.

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